Phil 338 Human Rights Midterm Review

Phil 338 Human Rights Midterm Review - Study Guide /...

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Study Guide / Midterm Review – Philosophy of Human Rights (Phil 338) 1a.) Normative terms are terms that have action-guiding force. Some common normative terms are: ought, duty, obligation, permissible, and forbidden. When applied to actions, appropriate and inappropriate are normative terms. Normative moral terms are Normative terms with moral action-guiding force. Evaluative terms are terms that express approval or disapproval. Some common evaluative terms are: good, bad, excellent, and awful. Purely descriptive terms are terms that are not normative and not evaluative. Purely descriptive statements are statements that contain only purely descriptive terms. Normative/evaluative statements are statements that include at least one normative/evaluative term. [Note that Normative/Evaluative statements can contain SOME Purely Descriptive terms, but Purely Descriptive statements cannot contain ANY Normative/Evaluative terms.] 1b.) A moral norm is a generalization that applies to all acts of a certain kind (e.g., Killing another human being is wrong.) A moral principle is a generalization that applies to a wide variety of kinds of actions (e.g., Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) A particular moral judgment is a moral judgment about a particular actual or hypothetical case (e.g., that it would have been morally permissible to assassinate Adolph Hitler in 1943). 1c.) Questions of Moral Metaphysics: Are there moral truths? If so, are they universal or relative/parochial? Questions of Moral Epistemology: If there are moral truths, can we ever have moral knowledge or justified moral beliefs? If so, are justified moral beliefs and moral knowledge fallible or infallible? 1d.)
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Phil 338 Human Rights Midterm Review - Study Guide /...

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