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Soc 2208/DSoc 2090 Study Question 1. In 1845, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote of the “smelting pot” of a racially mixed America. In the intervening 163 years, the metaphor (now the “melting pot”) has become closely associated with the United States. Discuss some of the possible futures for racial and ethnic inequality in the U.S. over the next 50 years. In your discussion, be sure to (a) describe the mechanisms that are likely to generate change or stability in racial and ethnic inequality, and (b) refer to the evidence presented in the readings and lectures that are relevant to these mechanisms. How well does the “melting pot” metaphor capture your educated guess about the future of racial and ethnic inequality? 2. Although you may have forgotten, last summer you applied for a position as an intern at the Department of Labor. Over the break, somewhere between your second and third helpings your holiday feast, you received a call from Elaine Lan Chao herself, the current Secretary of Labor. She’d like to have you start your internship, and in fact she gave you your first assignment: write an essay that outlines changes in women’s participation in paid labor in the United States over the past 75 years and identifies the factors that likely generated these changes . She would also like you to propose a new policy , based on your knowledge of the issues, which would increase women’s participation in paid labor. (The Department of Labor is under instructions from POTUS to capture some of the human capital resources that go underutilized when women, particularly highly educated women, “opt out” of the paid labor force.) You jump at the opportunity, and set out to impress your new boss with your essay. You should know that Ms. Chao, like all good career bureaucrats, is a data addict and amateur social scientist, so she wants considerable quantities of
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questionsweek12_StudyGuide - Soc 2208/DSoc 2090 Unit 3,...

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