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Soc 2208 9.30_Notes - Soc 2208 9.30.08 Unite 2 The...

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Soc 2208 9.30.08 Unite 2: The Attainment Process Who gets ahead, and why? Some possibilities… o Family background o To what extent does your origin affect your “destination class?” o Education/ aspirations o Neighborhoods o Social capital/ networks o Social policies Today: Family Background To what extent do people wind up in the same class as their parents? Is the US a land of exceptional opportunity? Are societies becoming more open (vis a vis social mobility) Terminology Social mobility: a move from one social position to another o Who or what is moving? o What boundaries are being crossed? o Which direction? Opposite: inheritance/ “immobility” o People are found in the same class position over time (or same as parents) Intragenerational: “career” mobility o Origin: Time 1 o Destination: Time 2 job Intergenerational mobility o Origin: parent’s class/position o Destination: child’s class as an adult o Class vs. Gradient! Many of these studies are looking at class-based mobility, others are looking at gradient
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A Hypothetical Mobility Table Table 1. Hypothetical Mobility Table Child’s Occupation Parent’s Occupation Non- manual Manual Farm Nonmanual (professonal, managerial, clerical, service) 100 (people) 50 10 Manual (craft, operative, laborer) 40 200 10 Farm 20 50 100 NB: people typically look at more than 3 classes Absolute mobility % of kids who move from parents’ class Total inheritance o Sum of cells on main diagonal/ sum of all cells o Hypothetical: (100+200+100)/ 580 = 69% (of children are inheriting the
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Soc 2208 9.30_Notes - Soc 2208 9.30.08 Unite 2 The...

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