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Soc Study Qs Week 7_StudyGuide - Soc 2208/DSoc 2090...

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Soc 2208/DSoc 2090 (Weeden) Study Questions, Week 7 / Lecture 11 1. Consider two hypothetical Cornell students who graduate with a BA in the same major, the same GPA, and generally equivalent skills and qualifications. Student A looks for a job in her hometown, while Student B decides to move to a comparably sized city in a new part of the country and start her job search there. From a social networks perspective , discuss the implications of these choices on their likely job search processes. What advantages or disadvantages would you expect each to have in their job search? Is one student necessarily in a better position to find a satisfactory job than the other? Be sure to discuss as many social network approaches from lecture and reading as you think are relevant to this hypothetical situation. Structural holes might not fit into this as well as other readings but not as well in this one Think about outcomes: what do you think will happen to them based on the network that is generated o What do I expect for these students and why do I expect this - Student A who moves back to her hometown will probably have better prospects because of her social networks and social capital in the hometown rather that Student B who does not have any social networks or capital in the new city. However, through acquaintances and weak ties Student B may be able to find a job that is just as good as Student A’s or an even better job if Student B establishes acquaintances in the “right places”. Human capital: personal productive capacity, often measured by investments in education, on the job training, health, etc. Social capital: resources that reside in one’s relationships and social
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/20/2009 for the course SOC 2208 taught by Professor Weeden during the Fall '08 term at Cornell University (Engineering School).

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Soc Study Qs Week 7_StudyGuide - Soc 2208/DSoc 2090...

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