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SOC OUTLINE TEST 2 Week 6 1. To what extent, if at all, has your own educational career been consistent with the social psychological model of attainment? In what ways has it been inconsistent? Suggest one revision or elaboration of the social psychological model – e.g., an additional causal path, or an additional variable that mediates the relationships between variables in the social psychological model, that would improve this model’s ability to account for your life course so far. To answer this question, you will need to rehearse the arguments underlying the social psychological model before you evaluate them against the facts, as you see them, of your own life. (NOTE: The final set of causal paths in the social psychological model pertains to occupational attainment, which is out of the scope of this question.) The logic of the social psychological model of attainment is that educational attainment is a function of a series of choices, and those choices are a function of “social environment”, specifically others’ expectations for you. The model begins with socioeconomic status and ends with educational attainment and occupational attainment (we will only look at educational attainment for our specific purposes). I believe that my educational career has been consistent with this model in that my educational attainment has entirely been a result of my class of origin, social psychological factors such as aspirations and expectations, and mental ability, as the model delineates.
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My socioeconomic status allowed me to attend a private school and have access to additional resources (i.e. tutors) that allowed me to progress academically. Also, because of my origin class it was expected of my family and friends that I achieve academic success. Furthermore, that academic success reinforced significant others’ high expectations for me that were really already present. In turn, their influence motivated and pressured me to increase my level of educational aspirations and try to get into a top University. Finally, the academic goals I set for myself allowed me to reach a high level of academic attainment (an education at an Ivy League University). This chain reaction of events is exactly as illustrated by the social psychological model of attainment. In my case, I agree with the arrangement of this model in that significant others’ influence was the driving force of my success and without it, the following results (i.e. academic attainment) would not have been the same. However, the model is inconsistent in my situation in that it figures that educational attainment is a function of a series of choices or a large residual that determines whether we continue or not (as explained in the lecture). For example, a likely payoff to investment in education and a perception of opportunity structure are both examples of motivations that determine our path. However, I find that my educational attainment more to be a direct effect of my social environment
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socoutlinetest2_Outline - SOC OUTLINE TEST 2 Week 6 1 To...

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