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WEEK 11 FINAL_StudyGuide - Soc 2208/DSoc 2090(Weeden Study...

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Unformatted text preview: Soc 2208/DSoc 2090 (Weeden) Study Questions, Lectures 15 & 16 1. The research on educational attainment shows that African American youth are (a) more likely to enroll in college than white students who come from similar socioeconomic backgrounds and who have comparable ability levels, but (b) less likely to complete college than white students with comparable SES backgrounds and ability. Using the concepts and evidence presented in the lectures and readings, offer at least two plausible explanations for this empirical puzzle. Based on your own experience as a college student, which of these explanations do you think accounts for the greatest portion of the net (i.e., after controlling for family background and ability) college completion gap, and why? Are there other explanations that might better account for the net college completion differential? NOTE: your answer to the “personal experience” part of the question should account for no more than a third of your essay. Why are they more likely to overenroll? • Affirmative Action, Financial Aid etc o Policies aimed at getting African Americans to attend university o Low SES blacks overenroll in college relative to low SES whites; high SES whites overenroll relative to high SES blacks • GSS Data: Greater percentage of blacks think that education is necessary to get ahead o Don’t have solid foundation o “American Dream” • “Net minority advantage”: If Blacks and Whites have the same background and cognitive skill, blacks have higher expectations o BUT, blacks also more sensitive to tuition, tend to overestimate true costs of college Why are they less likely to complete college? The affect of race on retention increases with age. Culture : net ethnic/racial differences in educational attainment are really a difference in cultural practices, beliefs, and values • Kids o Fordham & Ogbu: Burden of “acting white” o Black students began to define educational success as a white person’s prerogative because they were told for so long that they weren’t intellectually capable o Disproportionately high rate of low school performance is a kind of adaptation from their local social end economic opportunities in adult life o Blacks have formed oppositional identities and occupational frames of reference because of the way that white Americans treat them o Fictive kinship: relationship between persons not actually of blood relationship o Certain attitudes and behaviors are seen as white and are therefore unacceptable o Students who achieve academic success are “kind of white” and are therefore not truly black which creates tension between those who succeed and those who stick with the group-sanctioned behaviors o Students are mocked, teased, and alienated if they engage in white behaviors such as academic achievement decline in educational attainment o Create personas to nullify claims that are person is achieving academic success such as being involved in athletics o African Americans developed an oppositional culture because they were...
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/20/2009 for the course SOC 2208 taught by Professor Weeden during the Fall '08 term at Cornell.

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WEEK 11 FINAL_StudyGuide - Soc 2208/DSoc 2090(Weeden Study...

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