ILRLE 344 11-28_Notes - 11/28 Final Exam: Wednesday...

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11/28 Final Exam: Wednesday December 12, 7-9:30PM Ives 305 3 of 4 Essays Covers Sections 4-10 Office Hours: Wednesday Dec 5, 330-5 Monday December 10, 330-5 (356 Ives) Tuesday December 11, 4-5 (356 Ives) W.H Beveridge In one government report (Beveridge report of 1942) and book (1943) Both outline what should be the new Britain and future of Britain Beveridge Plan 1-involves a social insurance program , “mega insurance plan’ -covers sickness, injury, widow 2-Need to have national health insurance 3-Need the government to pledge full employment (3% or lower unemployment) Although this is very socialistic, this is not going to turn Britain into the soviet union. Essential liberties: Freedoms that must be protected Winston Churchill did not like anything about the plan because: 1) the plan is Socialist 2) it is Expensive 3) Britain would be arousing impossible aspirations. Do not promise anything that is that feasible. Churchill call general election after the war (May 1945) In brief campaign, the labor party said they were going to implement the Beveridge Plan. They believe in the Welfare state.
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ILRLE 344 11-28_Notes - 11/28 Final Exam: Wednesday...

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