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Simulation: 1. Man. Team 1 vs. Union Team 1 a. Union Team 1 i. UNITE HERE ii. Good ppt. 1. Food server Diary a. Stronger… weird reference and symbolism… no explanation b. Rough/slow start c. Cowie was there for him i. Help him to feel stronger ii. Gave him confidence 1. At Geller’s with Katz …everything has changed a. Old traditions are hard to break d. Is management really here for use? If they are, is our voice being heard? – ending question iii. Union Vs. Non-Union 1. Strikes are not that often don’t worry about not working 2. Union is You . . we don’t force you to do anything that you do not want to do. 3. Merit is important…but community is also important a. Union supports the community 4. Akward speak again a. Didn’t explain much i. 2 nd speaker 1. Union partnership a. We all have the same goals ;stability, protection, voice, job training b. Together we can reach higher and farther than we could separately 2. Other union business a. Listed many hotels 3. Gave examples of other hotels in the same situation and then had a union and then became successful – great argument a. One hotel profits rose by 50% and not a single job was lost. b. Employees wages increased iv. Housekeeper Diaries 1. She looked into the eyes of gellers (man sitting down waiting to go up) and said we want to improve the hotel we want to succeed….good move 2. Katz – work rules are not a contract a. Work rules can change at any time i. Unions can give student scholarships and loans ii. I want us to succeed as a partnership v. Main Points 1. Stability 2. Protection 3. Voice 4. Job security vi. Questions 1. Strike fund… never knew that a. Unite here has a strike fund b. Man Team 1 i. Quick Reference handbook
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1. Cant guarantee 2. Merit based system is good 3. Good explanation ….but I know how to read 4. Great benefits and work conditions …but cant guarantee a. Wages and benefits are 15% above local market 5. Calendar …good move 6. Geller has decertified union properties after then came in ii. ***side note … people not talking … not smiling look gloomy meek scary 1. Didn’t introduce themselves in the beginning iii. Discipline and termination policy 1. Only fire people for good reasons a. What happened before? You sluts! 2. Look for the line …is unacceptable a. Said this with a negative connotation even though she knew we were sensitive about it. iv. Reasons why you don’t need a union – refer to the handout 1. When speaking about it didn’t explain why we don’t just reasons why there structure is amazing and soo good a. At one point kind of sounded like they have a way of success (structure) and there is only one way and for you to succeed in it (aka not get fired and get a pay check) is for you to follow them. v.
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Simulation_Notes - Simulation 1 Man Team 1 vs Union Team 1...

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