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Media Response Essay #1_Essay

Media Response Essay #1_Essay - ILRIC634 Media Response...

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ILRIC634 Media Response Essay The capitalistic trend of the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to inexpensive sweatshops in developing countries and its overall effects on working conditions has been a controversial topic since the development of a global market. The issue was once again publicized when Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota proposed a Bill to congress that would ban the U.S. sale of imported goods made in foreign sweatshops that violated their domestic labor laws. It would also impose a $10,000 fine for each violation, and allow U.S. retailers to sue their competitors in U.S. courts if their competitors sell merchandise produced in these abusive sweatshops. Two experts on the topic, Daniel Griswold and Charles Kernaghan, provide persuasive yet opposing testimonies about the proposed bill. Griswold conveys his opposition to the bill in a rational economist manner, using effective, sensible and broad facts and trends to support his point. While Kernaghan, a distinguished labor activist, utilizes his personal experiences dealing with horrific sweatshop working conditions to stimulate emotions to support his point. Griswold claims that overall global working conditions have improved since massive expansion of globalization and the almost universal acceptance of the global market. The countries who have utilized the global market and free trade have received a large increase in quality of life, compensation and working conditions. He depicts that globalization has cut the number of people living in total poverty in half. Developing countries who have fully embraced globalization and free trade, like china, increased
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