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1. Describe the Subject matter of the article a. Congressional testimonies – Both testimonies are responses to a bill introduced by Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota. The bill would prohibit sale in the United States of any products made in sweatshops overseas. i. The Dorgan Bill 1. bar the U.S. sale of imported products made in sweatshop factories 2. It would make it illegal to bring the product of sweatshop factories - factories where workers are abused in violation of that country’s labor laws -- into this country. 3. It imposes a $10,000 fine for each violation. 4. Allows U.S. retailers the right to sue their competitors in U.S. courts if their competitors sell merchandise produced in sweatshop factories ii. The first is by Daniel Griswold, an analyst from the Cato Institute. 1. Was made to: a. The Cato Institutef b. Before the Trade, Tourism, and Economic Development Subcommittee of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee c. Hearing on "Overseas Sweatshop Abuses, Their Impact on U.S. Workers, and the Need for Anti-Sweatshop Legislation" d. February 14, 2007 2. Testifying on Global Working Conditions 3. Claims that working conditions have increased/ improved since the large increase in globalization and use of the global economy and fre trade. 4. Defends globalization and free trade a. **So-called sweat shop conditions persist in poor countries today not because of globalization, which is a relatively new phenomenon, but
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Media response Essay #1_Outline - 1. Describe the Subject...

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