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CSR final_Outline - b Negative Aspects i Child labor 1 is...

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1. Overview a. Background pointing out key aspects of case 2. Summarize potential positive and negative aspects of the Green Growth Project in light of IBRF’s CSR a. Positive Aspects i. Developian Federation of Labor 1. Official trade union federation 2. DFL affiliates receive favorable treatment from the Labor Ministry ii. Job Creation 1. Develop plantations in rural areas a. Employ thousands of Developians in steady, secure Ag jobs 2. Food processing plants a. Employ thousands in manufacturing jobs 3. Power gen and port expansion project a. Create thousands of new construction jobs b. Thousands of new permanent jobs iii. Development 1. Factories 2. Agriculture 3. Addition infrastructure a. Energy i. Hydro power project 1. Electrical power for factories and workers households b. Port Expansion project i. Both GGP and Hydro power require 1. Expansion of main port facility 2. New modern docks, cranes, loading/unloading systems c. Availability of power and expanded port facilities i. Attract new investment by other countries
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Unformatted text preview: b. Negative Aspects i. Child labor 1. is common is agriculture 2. Occurs in EPZ factories ii. Environment 1. Has rainforest – steadily being cook down for cooking fuel 2. Plantation will displace 5% of rainforest iii. President X 1. Authoritarian rule a. He appointed himself head of the army 2. Nullified last election – stayed in office a. Put opposing parties in house arrest b. Tap telephones and monitor conversations 3. Shuts down opposition paper – a. Free speech violation b. It is a crime to insult the state c. Critics of the government are often arrest and charged by this law i. Pay fine ii. 6 months in jail 4. Developian Federation of Labor a. National labor union b. Workers who try to form independent unions are routinely fired and blacklisted iv. Bruma 3. What IBRF should do to meet corporate social responsibility objectives if project goes forward 4. Recommendation whether or not to proceed 5....
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CSR final_Outline - b Negative Aspects i Child labor 1 is...

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