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Search this site Comment We are not wage slaves The screenwriters' strike in America is a fight for the creative and financial independence of writers David Edgar Saturday November 17, 2007 The Guardian By definition, screenwriters don't have famous faces, hence the attention that's been paid to the stars that have joined American screenwriters on the picket lines of greater Los Angeles since the writers' strike began. But Holly Hunter, Eva Longoria, Jay Leno et al aren't just backing the people who give them words to say. The writers happen to be leading off the current round of contract renegotiations, so the usually invisible pen- wielders of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) are thus first over the top in a battle that will affect other creatives - notably actors and directors - as well. Article continues The fact that creatives are creators rather than manufacturers of the things they make lies at the heart of a strike that has already silenced late-night chatshow monologues, has turned Saturday Night Live into Saturday Night Repeat and - currently - looks as if it might outrun the last, five-month WGA
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strike of 1988. One of the two major questions at issue - payments for writers of a proportion of profits
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writers strike british commentary_Notes - Comment We are...

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