CB 205 Final_Exam

CB 205 Final_Exam - CB 205 Final Exam Notes Live Nude Girls...

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Unformatted text preview: CB 205 Final Exam Notes: Live Nude Girls UNITE video The lusty lady club, black dancers not as profitable as white, women were being secretly videotaped and ending up on the internet, one girl flipped about the cameras and was fired which mobilized the girls, SEIU local 790, they removed one way windows and started to schedule the black girls more, real battle at the bargaining table, in 70% of negotiations don’t agree to contract, wanted an agency shop, less and less money to do more and more, charging a stage fee, take the glass out of peepshows, pressure them to do illegal things, many classified them as independent contractors, lockout 3 days, finally agree to discuss, picketing raise and grievance procedure at impasse about the agency shop, compromised at maintenance of membership. joint labor management initiatives – ee involvement and partnerships union statement at UAW ford Broadway- cancel by stagehand strike Richard Benzinger : union needs supporters inside the workplace. Organizing committee- recruit workers, larger commitment moves the campaign faster. Should always increase the size of the committee, should always be growing, the goal should always be at least 10% of the workforce representative of all groups (shift, departments, old/young, multi-...
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/20/2009 for the course ILRCB 2050 taught by Professor Givanr during the Fall '06 term at Cornell.

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CB 205 Final_Exam - CB 205 Final Exam Notes Live Nude Girls...

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