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Lusty Lady Managers were women Late to work, didn’t get scheduled raise No job security Trying to get rid of you before you get to top wage. No black dancers in “private pleasures” Cannot classify workers on the basis of race They wanted to unionize after they got support after the camera incident SEIU 790 The bargaining table – negotiating for a contract Littler Mendelson – anti-union law firm SEIU provided the girls with a negotiator Wanted sick pay and health insurance, end to discriminatory practices, Agency shop – all workers pay union dues and receive union protection Open shop – workers don’t have to join union or pay dues Bargaining updates, kept other workers informed through flyers
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Unformatted text preview: In the last 10 years, working conditions are getting worse Dancers were getting paid less and less to more and more Stage fees- charging workers to come to work Lusty Lady – employees Other strip clubs – independent contractors (cannot unionize) Workers were locked out for 3 days Summer got her job back through negotiations. Both management and workers accused the other side of specific violation After picketing, management started to negotiate but workers had to make concessions about wages and benefits. Agency shop and sick day were the workers strongest points Offers and counteroffers went back and forth Management countered back with membership...
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