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ILRCB 205 Organizing Case_Solutions

ILRCB 205 Organizing Case_Solutions - ILRCB205 Organizing...

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ILRCB205: Organizing Case November 12, 2007 ,so 1. The case ends 30 days before the NLRB representation election. Up until this point, which side has been most effective at laying a foundation to prevail in the NLRB election? Explain. -management: -union withdrew ULP charge regarding health-benefit plan (which was indicated as biggest issue for wanting a union by the employees) -favorable appropriate bargaining unit outcome -exclusions: secretaries of president and personnel VP, 3 branch managers, 3 assistant branch managers, 3 assistant auditors and the purchasing agent -excellent question answer approach in meetings -if I sign a union card, can I vote against the union? -great answer -starting out low key good image of company to workers -did not fire or discharge or discipline workers -Keep company morals/policy even in times of high tension -ex. Esther who handed out cards during work hours -3 auditors who wound up being excluded anyway -“wouldn’t raise serious questions in community…” p (32) -Gave Health insurance plan -Really listened to what the employees wanted and gave immediate action -Took action -Showed responsibility and dedication to work with the employees in order to make them happy. -already happy company with little turno 2. From the union’s perspctive, what should the organizing campaign plan include for the last 30 days? What aspects of the union’s efforts up until now need to be adjusted for the final phase of organizing?
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