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Outline - a That it is a Industrial District i Key...

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Lean and Mean: Why Large Corporations Will Continue to Dominate the Global Economy Chapter 5: Is Silicon Valley an Industrial District? 1. Silicon Valley a. Is the computer and mircoelectonics capital of America b. Consists of “four countries” i. Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, and Santa Cruz c. A full-fledged industrial district, made up of a dense thickest of mostly small and medium sized firms (some large) that alternately cooperate and compete with one another. d. They are a network of producers that are embedded in a local political eoncomy i. That provides job training, finanice capital, and an incessant flow of ideas and information e. Said to be “Marshalllian” i. The district may trade with the rest of the world but production relations are highly localized f. Silicon valleys production is farmed out to sweatshop in L.A, Oregon, Washington, and Mexico 2. Is Silicon Valley an Industrial District: The Debate
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Unformatted text preview: a. That it is a Industrial District i. Key relationship tend to be local ii. Vertical integration and standardization iii. Have a high sense of community 1. Trade shows, conferences, forums a. Allow work together to continue to innovate and react flexibly to new pressures and opportunites from the market iv. Among Engineers and programmers loyalty is to the craft not to a particular firm 1. Which promotes the spirit of cooperative competition v. Have concentrated economic control over the sector through 1. Vertical integration and standardization 2. Federal government protection from imports 3. The shift of manufacturing to low wage areas 4. Lawsuits against what they see as rivals or thieves of intellectual property a. Why it has caused high tech industries in Boston and England to stagger and unable to respond flexibly to rapidly changing market conditions 3....
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  • Fall '08
  • San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara County, California, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clara Valley, Industrial¬†District

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