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Wal-Mart paper_Essay - CB3070 Term Paper Write an extended...

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Unformatted text preview: CB3070 Term Paper Write an extended essay analyzing how and why American business corporations have restructured their organization and operation since the 1970s in ways that have changed the nature and significance of big business as the dominant form of American business organization. 1) Your analysis will focus on a specific dimension of the corporate restructuring process: the changing structure and strategy of a single business ; or Consumer society: Towards the end of the nineteenth century the United States transformed from an agricultural to an industrial society. Advancements in production and distribution technology contributed heavily to the transformation of our nation’s business and society. During this period the American demographic was changing due to major increases in population and urbanization, expanding the market. Large businesses were now able to mass produce standardized products and distribute them throughout the entire country. Growth in disposable income was satisfied by more efficient production techniques, a national rail system, improving roads and growth in investment and credit. When combined with fast paced population growth, these conditions created an enormous demand for consumer products. The growing urbanized modern society had a faster pace and tighter living conditions, which limited the time and space which could be allocated for home production, causing a greater demand for mass produced household goods. “The economic effects of these demographic changes were compounded with a general rise in disposable income, with the rising expectations and standards of living promoted by the new products and by the developing advertising industry” creating a new culture of mass consumption. 1 People produced less of the goods and services they consumed and purchased more, increasingly fulfilling their needs through the market. America was (and still is) a society that consistently desires new, accessible, and competitively priced products; sparking the formation of suppliers, wholesalers, department stores, supermarkets etc. This in turn inspires competition amongst businesses to develop business strategies and structures which attempt to optimize the successful and efficient fulfillment of market demands. This was the environment in which Sam Walton opened his first variety store franchise in 1945. I t turned out to be a business model which would successfully carry his company forward and help to change the face of retailing. Globalized business: Beginning during the late 1970s rapid advances in intercontinental communications and transportation began to facilitate strong and consistent growth in international trade, expanding beyond the major industrialized countries which had dominated world trade up to that point. This expansion was come to be known as “globalization”. America’s role in globalization cannot be over emphasized. Much of the technological advances which made it possible emanated from the US. Perhaps more technological advances which made it possible emanated from the US....
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Wal-Mart paper_Essay - CB3070 Term Paper Write an extended...

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