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AFRICANA STUDIES AND RESEARCH CENTER CORNELL UNIVERSITY SPRING 2008:  TR 11:40-12:55 INSTRUCTOR:  AYELE BEKERIE TEACHING ASSISTANTS:   Kayla Dorsey (kld52) and Michael Hall (mrh49) OFFICE: OFFICE HOURS:  T and W 4:30-5:30PM   E-MAIL:   [email protected] CLASS LOCATION: MALLOT HALL/ BACHE AUDITORIUM COURSE   DESCRIPTION :   The course explores some aspects of the major African cultures and civilizations from the earliest times to the present. Among the topics that are going to be covered are: Geographical and Historical Settings, Paleontological Findings and Human Origins, Peoples and Languages of Africa, Kinship Systems, Indigenous Religions, Oral Traditions, Rites of Passage, Women in African Cultures, Aesthetics, and Sociopolitical and Economic Organizations. The following civilizations will also be briefly discussed: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Nubia, Ancient Ethiopia, Western Sudan, Central and Eastern African, and Zimbabwe. COURSE REQUIREMENTS : The class will meet twice a week for an hour and  fifteen minutes per class.   There will be lectures and discussions based upon  assigned and supplementary readings.  There will also be visual presentations and  reviews on selected topics for illustrative and comprehension purposes.  Students  will take two exams, one midterm and a final exam.  The midterm exam will be on  March 13, 2008 and the final exam will be a take home exam due on May 8, 2008.  Student Evaluation:   Students   will   also   be   evaluated   for   their   attendance,   class   participation   and  presentations.  Exams account for 70% of the grade.  Attendance, participation and  1
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reviews account for the remaining 30%. Students are required to submit a review  of two articles and a film, due by the end of the semester. REQUIRED TEXTS: 1. Achebe, Chinua (1996).  Things Fall Apart . NY: Bantam. 2.
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sp08_Syllabus - AS&RC205: CORNELLUNIVERSITY...

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