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africa takes me away_Notes

africa takes me away_Notes - AFRICA REVIEW QUESTIONS Iron...

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AFRICA REVIEW QUESTIONS: Iron Horse – bycicle Baka People – Inhabit rainforest in of Cameroon (Northern Congo). Are in harmony with rainforest, feed off its animals. Fantasy Coffins – coffins created to reflect the essence of the deceased since he will live on. Rainfores t – Forest characterized by high rainfall. The Baka live in the rainforest and need it to survive. The Akan chop it down to make wood and survive. Cameroo n – Unitary republic of Central and Western Africa. Colonized by Germans, French. Where the Baka live. Fort Jesus – Portuguese fort built by King Phillip II of Spain, built in shape of man (called Jesus for religious reference) to guard old part of Mombasa, Kenya. Ali Mazrui – Academic and Political writer on African and Islamic studies. Came up with the idea of triple heritage. Living-Dead – No one dies, life after death, you reappear as a spirit ILO – gathering place where all the judgements are made. Sense of community, sense of democracy for decentralized igbo people. Obi- Toguna – A meeting place among the dogun people with a cable roof so that once they are in they cant really stand up, they hold discussions. Oboddo – Language for the Igbo people Dipo Fremale Rights – In the rights of passage among Krobo of Ghana without male circumcision but with puberty rights Uri – A wedding ritual among the Igbo people Creating Time (Making Time ) – You make time for whatever you want to do, and it doesn’t matter what time you spend on that task, you control time, you are not dependent on time Age Group – those who are born at the same time, and every time they make a transition from one age group to another there will be a ritual. In the Masai. Enkishon – concept of fertility, way of praying for son Osu – Outcast Ghana – located in Ethiopia, founded oldest stone tools Acquired Immortality – From the Igbo people, You become remembered for eternity because of what you’ve done (your deeds) Igbo structure their community in such a way so that you can earn titles, not inherited Group Individualism – We are because I am, idea of earning titles Verticality – African Architectural concept, Irua – Rights of passage for Kenya Ama - greater god who symbolizes earth among Dogon Ani – Dogon – Priest Uno : The smallest social unit (house man, wife(ves), children. Lebe – oldest man in dogon Robert Mugabe – Leader of Zimbabwe since Independence (1980) Akroasiatic – 150 million people speak it among northern Africa Cradle of humankind : A world heritage site first named UNESCO, in the Gauteng 
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province. A fossil hominid site (fossils, etc. are housed in deep caves). Suez Canal : A large artificial canal in Egypt that allows two-way transportation between  Europe and Asia without circumnavigation of Africa.
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africa takes me away_Notes - AFRICA REVIEW QUESTIONS Iron...

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