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5/8/08 Functions of Music in African Societies: - Griots: professional praise and criticism singers, convey messages for their rulesrs as they have since before the time of Sunjata (1230-1255), first emperor of Mali - Domesia, traditional narratives of the Mende people of Sierra Leone, fashion words, song and gesture for evening entertainment. - African music part of life fabric - Not a separate entity, but included in combined games, dance, words, drama, visual art. - Music integrated with technology such as radio, television, tape recorders, naturally incorporated into local music. - Funerals are big music festival Early Accounts of Music - oral traditions of where music originated. - Vai of Liberaia tell of King who was defeated and shown way to travel to the underwater world. - Sign of upcoming death if heard at night. - Stories of learning music from animals - Drum from chimp (pg. 35). Sound and Music - Music an imitation of natural sounds
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Unformatted text preview: -Some African instruments human like-Lugbar of Uganda name five strings of lyre with status terms for women (36). African Music and Time-Africans think of performances in transactional sense -Two xylophone players in southeast Africa sit opposite one another and both share in playing same instrument -In hocket, number of musicians play one or two notes each that combine to make single melody Performers-People receive tutolage from gropus, and sometimes children go away to learn special music and skill. -Ancestors important part of music-Also human like features carved into instruments. Feeling and Music-Just as, if not important than the music, is the feelings involved.-Playing can sway emotionts dramatically, calming them during sad times. -Power of music changes way people feel African music played more transnationally today, but may not have same meaning as it does back home....
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