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Africana1_StudyGuide - 1Part I Darfur A region in Sudan...

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1Part I · Darfur - A region in Sudan where Civil war is raging between Government and Indigenous people. · Baka People - They live in the Forests in Cameroon · Fantasy Coffins - Coffins Custom mad in Ghana · Rainforest - Ecological zone which experiences rain every day and is composed of several trees. · Cameroon - Country in West Africa · Fort Jesus - Portuguese fort near Mombassa, Kenya. Used to defend themselves from perpetrators. · Ali Mazrui - Kenyan Scholar who made PBS documentary on Africa. · Cradle of Humankind - Rift valley where human beings originated, · Suez Canal - canal that allowed circumnavigation through Africa, Europeans used it. · Steve Biko - A leader who led Black Conscious Movement. · Patrice Lumumba - 1 st president of Congo. He was assassinated. · Kwame Nkrumah -1 st president of Ghana · Jomo Kenyatta - 1 st president of Kenya · Settler Colonialism - form of colonialism where they settled in the land. · Mau Mau - Movement against colonialism, Guerilla warfare was used. · Zaire - Previous name for Congo · Living Dead- · Basil Davidson - british historian, Made African documentaries · Irua - Rites of passage · Saarjite Baartman - Venus Hottentot, a young South African woman who was exhibited In museums · St. Maurice - A Nubian who participated in the Crusades. · Swahili - Name of people who live on African East coastlines or the Language spoken by them. · Elephanticide – killing of elephants · Fossils – Organic substances such as coal. · Hominids – Early human like ancestors, could walk. · Taung - a small town situated in North West Province of South Africa. The name place of the lion and was named after Tau, the chief of the Tswana speaking Legoya or BaTaung tribe. In 1924 a skull (later named the Taung Child) was discovered by a quarry-worker in the nearby Buxton-limestone quarry. It was described by Raymond Dart in 1925 as the type specimen of Australopithecus africanus , and is from an approximately 3-year-old individual probably killed by an eagle. The skull is now housed at the Cradle of Humankind visitor's centre. · Kamoya Kimeu – self trained paleontologist who helped find early species. · Dinqnesh – Another name for Lucy, The earlieast form of a Hominid found in Ethiopia. · Laetoli - Plio-Pleistocene site of Laetoli in Tanzania, which is located in eastern Africa, is famous for its hominid footprints, preserved in volcanic ash. The site of the Laetoli footprints is located 45 km south of Olduvai gorge. · Gona – Site in Ethiopia where the oldest stone tools were found. · Radio-carbon dating – Measured the half life of Carbon 14, used to determine age of fossils and approximate dates of death. · Toguna - At the heart of every Dogon village is a small structure called a toguna. It is the central meeting place for the men of the village, who discuss important matters and swap stories beneath the shaded roof. The short height of the toguna encourages all gathered to sit down and resolve differences in the seated position. There is no room to stand up and argue! (togu = shelter, na
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