A4Methods (7)_Solutions - import java.awt.*; /* Contains...

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import java.awt.*; /** Contains static methods of assignment A4 */ public class A4Methods { /** = the complement of color rgb. */ public static Color complementRGB(Color rgb) { return new Color(255-rgb.getRed(), 255-rgb.getGreen(), 255-rgb.getBlue()); } /** = s truncated (if necessary) to its first 5 characters. */ public static String truncateTo5(String s) { if (s.length()>5) return s.substring(0,5); return s; } /** = RGB value rgb in the form "[R, G, B]". Precondition: each of the rgb values is an integer in the range 0. .255. */ public static String toString(Color rgb) { return "["+rgb.getRed()+", "+rgb.getGreen()+", "+rgb.getBlue()+"]"; } /** = CMYK value cmyk in the form "[C, M, Y, K]". In the output, each of C, M, Y, and K should take at most 5 characters. Precondition: All parameters are 0 and 1. */ public static String toString(CMYK cmyk) { return "["+cmyk.getCyan()+", "+cmyk.getMagenta()+", "+cmyk.getYellow() +" ,"+cmyk.getBlack()+"]"; } /** = HSV value rgb in the form "[H, S, V]". In the output,
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A4Methods (7)_Solutions - import java.awt.*; /* Contains...

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