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Friday=movie day start reading alexanders bridge Movie themes: labor+engineering culture + engineering American adaptation of the industrial revolution Oliver Evans, Mechanizel flour mill -Automated system -motivation to develop mechanized systems is that labor is expensive debate: should america be agricultural or Mechanical? Samuel slater immigrated way paid to come to Rhode Island because he had knowledge of mill machinery Slater builds that carding machine to make roving and the spinning frame to make it into yarn --He not only brings the idea of the machinery but he also brings ideas of labor systems and then develops the slater system Lowell mills as "republican community" or "total institution"? -Group travels to england. LIke the machinery but dont like the labor structure -Girls will come live in supervised dormitories (like college) -in 1853 corporation shortened working day to 11 hours to meet the workers protests -Massachusetts passed a 10 hour work day law in 1874 (30 years later that england)
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ENGRG 10-1-08_Notes - Friday=movieday...

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