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ENGRG 10-6-08_Notes - British Telegraph network cable kept...

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British Empire: Dominion: Australia, Canada Protectorate: Iraq,egypt Settler colony: Kenya Tropical Dependencies Vestigial Plantations European Scramble for Africa Tools of empire: steamboats and gunboats "gunboat diplomacy" Quinine: 1850s -Decreased malaria deaths 10-fold Breach-loading rifle Breach-loading Cannon Maxim Machine Gun Digging of the suez canal: "Hinge of east and West" (heroic engineers) Communication: Indian railways early ones hauled cotton indigo opium fir british trade and aslo british troops Countries with most RR milage in 1895: US, Germany, Russia, France, India Passenger trains dominated new construction in the 1870s first indian locomotive was build in 1865 only 4% of those were used before 19947. Rest were imported from britain, germany, and US
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Unformatted text preview: British Telegraph network: cable kept breaking because of capacitance and over powering-Maxwell figured out the problem based on electrical physics Conclusions: The above technologies enabled Europeans to conquer lands and establish colonies in the era of high imperialism this is coercion, not "technology transfer" Headrick: the political-economic system of colonialism stifled development and created the conditions for post war underdevelopment." Colonial officials did not support technologies that would have decreased european imports.tehy promoted the geographical relocation of technology (mostly infrastructure) to support colonialism,instead of the cultural diffusion technology....
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ENGRG 10-6-08_Notes - British Telegraph network cable kept...

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