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ENGRG 10-8-08_Notes - CULTURE of Engineering:

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CULTURE of Engineering: Field culture: (learned from the practice of engineering/ apprenticeship) Shop Culture: Mechanical engineers working in machine shop School Culture: formal education like at cornell or west point Social Practices, Knowledge, Skills ___ Field Culture: Erie canal: Practical school of engineering the "engineer" was the person who worked his way up to a level of expertise with which he supervised the construction. Many started as surveyors Minnes: Herbert Hoover was a mining engineer Mineral creek minors Shop Culture: dress=hierarchy Fredrick Winslow Taylor= promoted efficiency -measure work vs Pay,provide engineer as issuer of tools and work process etc: Scientific Management Learned to be an engineer in a shop owned by his family School Culture: Robert Henry Thurston 1885-1903 Professor Mechanical Engineering at Cornell -supported school culture over shop culture pic] penn state engineering drafting class 1900 -Drafting was something you would learn from engineers in the shop
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ENGRG 10-8-08_Notes - CULTURE of Engineering:

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