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Info 515 10_6_08_Notes

Info 515 10_6_08_Notes - Computer Fraud and Abuse act 1030...

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Privacy of: -Identity -Net Flow ECPA: does protect net flow log records ECPA arose out of: omnibus in 1968, 1967 Katz V US, Olstead 1928 Olstead: Strict constructionist ruling that search and seizure did not apply to telephone. Law enforcement officials do not need warrants to tap phone taps Katz: Needed warrant 1986: does not discriminate based on technology. Provides content with probable cause and conversational detail with supinea
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Unformatted text preview: Computer Fraud and Abuse act 1030 ECPA: public networks only CALEA: 1992 Cornell is a private network e discovery Patriot act makes it easy to get conversational detal which in some cases can provide content or Identity information section 230 of communications decency act: passed to ensure that internet grows/not to hamper its growth with lawsuits against ISPs Why can't we sue juicy campus? --> s230...
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