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Govt161 Marx 2_Notes

Govt161 Marx 2_Notes - REVOLUTION =-democratic revolution...

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1:00 essay :30 essay on material since the midterm 1:00 short answer on material since the midterm she she lick me like a lollipop Animals eat sleep and fuck factory labor de humanizes workers feudalism ==> Capitalism ==> Communism Structure of capitalism yields oppression via economic determinism "immense majority 462 "first step...proletariate...ruling class...democracy" bourgeoisie uses state to oppress proletariat
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Unformatted text preview: +REVOLUTION!!! =-democratic revolution is inedible 456 "development of modern industry therefore cuts from under its feet. ...own grave diggers" 454: "and this is a very interesting and quite accurate. .. constant battle. ..in all these battle it sees itself to appeal to the proletariat. ..political and general education. ..furnishes the proletariat with weapons to fight the bourgeoisie"...
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