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govt161 marx_Notes - PHD thesis= greek political thought...

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Property has not been the central thought of any philosopher in our cannon Socialism: ~communism(S and C are similar approaches to a different end) Before Marx: - Marx not first socialist: long history and tradition: ex: plato(collective ownership of property, even families for ruling class) Christians: monasteries today. ..etc -distain for preoccupation with material goods (vs marx: It is unjust) American revolution: some more radical than others (sam adams == communist's beer? not exactly) Karl Mark: -19th century: industrialism -feudal socialism: criticism from right: disraelian Goldwen Smith: hates jews, helped found cornell after leaving england b-c he didn't want to work under a jew -utopian socialists: cooperative principals, model communities: work for the good of the community not themselves: Onita started as a utopian community, shakers(celibate), Mormons(polygamy), etc. .., family and sexual reforms too German(prussia) born 1818 of jews who converted to christianity
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Unformatted text preview: PHD thesis= greek political thought 1834: philisophical manuscripts 1848: communist manefesto ==so radical turned to journalism 1849-1883: lived in england wrote for tribune founded first international: labour united ==anarchists left the international epitaph: all hither to philosophers have only interpreted the world the point is to change it How marx sees the world: Great Wealth and great misery: not a paradox, they are dependent on eachother- the rich cannot be rich without something poorer to compare themselves to-all because of machines/ factory system Factory System: paid for time not for productivity sell your labor to someone who owns the machines wage is not equal to value of their labor avg wage= min wage(ie subsistence) (Locke, appropriates product; Marx, pays enough for bread/life) worker==commodity, appendage of the machine--not realizing selves/individuality (Locke: agrarian/crafstman model, 1680s)...
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govt161 marx_Notes - PHD thesis= greek political thought...

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