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07 LA 140 First_Exam - LA 140 FIRST EXAM SPRING 2007 Dr...

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LA 140 FIRST EXAM SPRING 2007 Dr. Venables would like to thank the Teaching Assistants who wrote the first drafts of many of these questions. They have added a significant “student-oriented” dimension to the exam which is very much appreciated. A tape-recorded message indicating any corrections or clarifications regarding the questions in this exam can be heard 24 hours a day: call 255-1648. This exam is based entirely on 100 multiple-choice questions. There are no essay or short answer sections in this exam. Each student MUST submit an individual Scantron Sheet (Bubble Sheet). Although you can work with other students on this exam, no “team bubble sheets” can be accepted because the computer will only provide Dr. Venables with a list of grades for individual names, not for groups. Scantron sheets (bubble sheets or answer sheets) will be available between 7:00 and 7:30 P.M. on Wednesday March 7 in the lobby outside the lecture hall. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR COPY OF THE EXAM INCLUDES ALL 100 QUESTIONS. Academic Integrity. To cheat or not to cheat one's own education is a personal decision, and your choice may be one of the most revealing and relevant aspects of this exam and this course. You must decide whether or not to share your answers with students who want to exploit your work rather than depend upon their own efforts. You can fend off potential parasites by reminding them that the Cornell policy defining academic integrity applies to both you and them. DIRECTIONS FOR SUBMITTING THE SCANTRON SHEET (BUBBLE SHEET) Scantron (bubble) sheets will be collected in the lobby outside the lecture hall between 7:00 and 7:30 PM on March 14, 2007. Scantron sheets turned in at any time after 7:30 PM will be penalized. Penalties are listed in the syllabus. DO NOT TURN IN A PRINTED COPY OF THE EXAM QUESTIONS. Please turn in only the scantron sheet. Do not turn in your bubble sheet early; at any other time; or at any other place unless you receive specific, written permission from Dr. Venables. This requirement avoids any confusions arising from such statements as “Well, I turned it in early. It is in your mailbox.” DO NOT STAPLE, FOLD, MUTILATE, SPINDLE, OR CRUMPLE YOUR BUBBLE SHEET. If the computer cannot read your bubble sheet because you have mishandled it, your bubble sheet will have to be corrected by the staff, and your exam will be penalized thirty points. You must use only a NUMBER TWO PENCIL to mark your answers on the bubble sheet. BE SURE TO ENTER THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION ACCURATELY AND COMPLETELY: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, AND CORNELL I.D. (Be sure to enter your last 1
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name in the appropriate spaces; some students have been known to enter their last names where their first names should be, and their first names where their last names should be.) If the computer cannot identify you because you have entered your name and/or you ID incompletely or erroneously, you will be penalized thirty points, assuming that the staff can finally identify your exam. If your exam cannot be identified, you will not receive any credit whatsoever.
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07 LA 140 First_Exam - LA 140 FIRST EXAM SPRING 2007 Dr...

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