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Take Home Assignment #2 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith offers an insightful commentary on the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of an immigrant family trying to make it in Brooklyn. The book offers a sympathetic view of poor people in Brooklyn and attempts to convey three main and slightly controversial themes to the audience. One is that people like Cheap Charlie or Francie’s first teachers do bad things not because they are cruel at heart, but simply because they have been treated badly and are just trying to make the best of their lives. The second message conveyed by the novel is that people like Johnny or Sissy may have debilitating faults in the personalities, but they can still be good people and loving members of a family. Lastly, Francie’s bittersweet feelings towards her sister, Laurie’s, eminent economically comfortable upbringing after Mcshane proposes to her mother, Katie, shows that the affluent miss out on the persevering and life-altering lessons learned by the poor community in Brooklyn. I will now provide many examples of what I believe to be the most significant cultural symbols in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn that shape both the lives of the Nolan family and the Brooklyn lifestyle as a whole. Part One A) Buildings and other structures as cultural symbols There are two significant buildings that influence Francie’s life and serve as a reminder of the importance of education in being able to get out of the hardships of Brooklyn.
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1) The Library offers Francie an escape from the world and a chance to hone her writing skills. She sees the library as a beautiful place even though it’s simply a shabby, run-down building. Furthermore, her apperception of every little thing from how the books are organized to the beauty of the flowers in summer show
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la140_Solutions - Take Home Assignment #2 A Tree Grows in...

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