HIUS131 Lecture 4

HIUS131 Lecture 4 - The Making of High Culture in 19th c...

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The Making of High Culture in 19 th – c America Introduction Shakespeare in the U.S. Before the Civil War The Transformation of Shakespeare Music, Art Explanation Chromolithography Going over urban entertainment in central america. In the South, Slaves were reawakened of not in the form of slavery but for laborer with strict rules Going back to the early 19 th century, prior to the civil war out of 50 or 60 americans, not including slaves, the answer would've been overwhelming yes. Immigrant who knows shakespeare can make a fortune just by reciting shakespeare in America. After the bible, to be found in a farmer's hut, was a cheap edition of shakespearan plays. 1815 Opened a Saloon in San Fransico that seated 2000 people. Always crowded. Swarmed from Gambling Saloons to see Shakespeare. From New York to Californa, audiences in theaters was a microcosm of the people in the area. Within the theater, there was a separation between the classes in the eastern states. English people saw the pit of people as rude and nasty. Shakespeare was superior to fun. Shakespeare were often performed in double features. In between the acts of say Hamlet, there were jugglers, acrobats, singers. Some times a comedy will follow a tragedy. Lack of reverance made it fun to watch rather than studied. Rather than sitting passively, audiences made their opinions known and lively experience. There was an orchestra performance that was bad and the audience stood, hissed, and groaned. People went one night, hated the performance and threw carrots. The next night, they went back with equipment. This showed that the people knew the text so well that they were so deeply into it. Part of the fun was to see the difference between the interpretations This was a world with people familiar with shakespeare as opposed to use with the television. The fact that Shakespeare was routinely taught as rhetoric. Most children were taught
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HIUS131 Lecture 4 - The Making of High Culture in 19th c...

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