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HA 347 ex. 5_Solutions

HA 347 ex. 5_Solutions - In terms of the central route...

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9/26/2007 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Exercise 5: Attitude Change 1) From the ages of 9-12, I always used to buy Nike soccer cleats because I thought they had the coolest design and because all my friends had them. However, bad product quality and a change to a new club soccer team changed my soccer cleat choice to Diadora. The combination of my Nike cleats breaking too easily and giving me blisters, as well as the discounts offered by my new club team for Diadora cleats, changed my cleat preference to Diadora. However, about 3-4 years ago, Nike improved its soccer cleats and launched an ad campaign bolstered by world class players and JogaTV commercials that led me back to the cleats of my childhood. 2) My decision to switch back to Nike cleats was a combination of central route and peripheral route persuasion.
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Unformatted text preview: In terms of the central route persuasion, I was swayed simply by the fact that Nike began making the lightest, most comfortable, and best performing cleats in the market. In terms of peripheral route persuasion, I was swayed by the celebrity endorsers and the JogaTV ad campaign. When I saw that all the best players in the world were wearing Nike soccer cleats, I felt like I should as well. Furthermore, the JogaTV ad campaign, featured seemingly average soccer players doing amazing juggling and dribbling tricks wearing Nikes, which looking back defiantly swayed my decision as well. 3) At first I did resist my attitude change because I thought back to the flaws of my old Nike cleats, but after my first pair of new Nike soccer cleats, I never looked back....
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