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HA 347 Ex. 6_Solutions

HA 347 Ex. 6_Solutions - CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Exercise 6 Sales...

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10/4/2007 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Exercise 6: Sales Techniques Situation: Me: So Jason what are your plans for Spring Break? Jason: I’m actually making the 10 hour drive back home to Missouri. Me: Wow that’s long. Why are you going home? Jason: I’m not really sure, but I know I can’t afford to pay for the Spring Break trip you guys were planning. Problem: Me: Wait, I don’t understand. Why exactly can’t you afford this trip? Jason: Well Mexico is so far and the flights are so expensive. And, that’s not to mention the additions of hotels and food. Me: So it seems you actually have no idea, how much we’re paying. We’re actually getting an all-inclusive package of $1100, which if you compare it to the gas you will be purchasing is only about $500 more. And wouldn’t you be more satisfied spending $500 to come on spring break than on those stupid Rams tickets. I mean they suck anyways. Jason: So you’re staring to change my mind. I guess the price isn’t as much as I thought and I think I’d rather have fun with my boys in Mexico for a week than go to the Rams
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