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Unformatted text preview: espaol 121-122 Evaluacin de ensayos Nombre __________________________ Nota ____ Content EXCELLENT TO VERY GOOD: substantive clear thesis or main idea relevant to assigned topic creative/interesting GOOD TO AVERAGE: adequate range limited development of thesis or main idea mostly relevant to topic, but lacks detail FAIR TO POOR: little substance inadequate development of topic or main idea repetitive VERY POOR: non-substantive not pertinent or not enough to evaluate Organization/Fluency EXCELLENT TO VERY GOOD: fluent expression ideas clearly stated/ supported succinct well-organized logical sequencing cohesive excellent transitions GOOD TO AVERAGE: somewhat choppy loosely organized but main ideas stand out limited support logical but incomplete sequencing good transitions FAIR TO POOR: non-fluent ideas confused or disconnected lacks logical sequencing and development poor or few transitions VERY POOR: does not communicate no organization or not enough to evaluate poor or few transitions...
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