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Speaking Skills Practicing the language with the teacher, native speakers, and classmates will help improve your communication skills. We only use Spanish in conversation, discussion of the readings, and for classroom communication. These are opportunities for you to express opinions, ask for clarification, and integrate vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and knowledge of culture in a real communicative context. Express yourself at whatever skill level you have mastered, fluency improves when you make the most of each situation. Speak spontaneously even if you aren't exactly sure you are correct. If you take risks, you will get immediate feedback whether the listener understood you or not. At times you may want to plan mentally what to say so that you can use more complex phrases or grammar. As you speak you will notice where you have doubts and can self-correct or ask for help. Your instructor evaluates the quality and quantity of your speaking in class and your progress. This is a measure of accuracy in oral expression and appropriate strategies in oral communication. Speaking skills develop through in-class interactions with your instructor and classmates. How well do you use the language in speaking and not just answering questions asked by the teacher? If you are well prepared every day, you can concentrate during class on using the new words and structures in oral communication. If you need individualized help with pronunciation, go to office hours. The grade in this skill area will be based on your presentación cultural (more information to follow), and the pruebas orales. We will practice the format before the first oral quiz. Las presentaciones culturales What are the goals of the cultural presentations ? You will explore, learn, and teach about the cultures of Spain, Latin America or Latinos in the US while using
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122speakingskillspc_Notes - Speaking Skills Practicing the...

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