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The Rise of Organized Sports I. Intro 1. Rodgers focused on Middle class attitudes towards work ethics 2. Rise and spread of work leads to the search of pleasure. II. American Sports at Midcentury 1. Prior to the civil war, sports did not exist because there were no professional teams, no intercollegiate sports. Most competitive events involved animals, such as dog racing / cock fighting. 2. These events became occasion for betting (primarily men). Election days became sports because of betting. 3. No football, hockey, basketball. 4. Baseball did not exist in its present form. 5. 1840-1850, became clear of suspicion of physical work that is not productive labor. Excessive physical activity that wasn't productive labor was thought to be infertility. Doctors believed this as well. 1. Doctors suggested for men, jeopardizes potency. 6. Graham advocated exercise that was better for people 1. Suggested also that female clothing may be harmful (corset) 2. These reformers were not advocating sports 7. Ralph Waldo Emerson said in ill health, you should rest instead of be active. 8. Thought sports and games were for the lower class. (Drinking/Gambling) 9. Sporting events as we know them are built by working class men. 1. Boxing was an example. Boxing were bare knuckles and this is the chance for poor men to get a lot of money. 2. Middle class men so this as disgusting. 10. The only sport that is traced back to before the civil war is baseball 1. Derived by a lot of bat and ball games. 2. Another game is cricket 1. It is a middle class game because it can take forever so therefore if you were working class then you don't have time to play. 3.
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untitled_1 - The Rise of Organized Sports I. Intro 1....

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