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Who Rules America_Notes

Who Rules America_Notes - private colleges and...

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Who Rules America? The Corporate Community and the Upper Class – William Domhoff Thesis: schools and social clubs where upper class members are educated and socialized rule America and they offer a protected enclave where members can retreat in private to enjoy their leisure away from contact with lesser or dissimilar others. Those at the very top of the wealth distribution tend to have the highest incomes, mostly from dividends and interest. From infancy through young adulthood members of the upper class raise distinctive education o Starts in pre-k usually attached to a neighborhood church of high social status. Then private day school. High school usually spent 1 or two years away from home. Higher education take place at one of heavily endowed
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Unformatted text preview: private colleges and universities (IVY LEAGUE) Separate education style is evidence for distinctiveness of mentality and lifestyle that exists within the upper class Boarding schools provide connection to other upper-class social institutions. Great emphasis on character building and not grades • Prep kids to be future leaders of America. o All go into banking or finance • Social clubs provide a major point of orientation in the lives of upper-class adults. Differentiate members of upper class from other members of society. o Haven for all members of the family social events o Each club has rigorous screening process. Most require nominations....
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