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Black spaces, black places: Strategic Assimilation and Identity Construction in Middle- Class Suburbia – Karyn R. Lacy Explores: how black communities and middle class blacks operate in the white world, trying to be successful but also maintaining their black roots. Some help children sustain “blackness” by living in black middle-class communities, while other s integrate children more fully by living in white communities 3 rd type of assimilation called strategic assimilation Many middle class blacks with access to majority white colleges, workplaces and neighborhoods continue to consciously retain their connections to the black world as well; through their interactions in black spaces, middle class blacks construct and maintain black racial identities
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Unformatted text preview: White society dominate Wealthier blacks report more discrimination than blacks, are less optimistic about racial progress, and are less inclined to believe that whites positively type blacks Both groups are concerned with assimilating their kids in a white setting Double-consciousness how whites perceive you and how you perceive yourself Riverton the majority black neighborhood a construction site for black identity, develop insiders sense of what it meant to be black through cultural interacts with black neighbors Lakeview majority white give kids greatest opportunity and resources available. But socialize with other blacks in church to get black identity...
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