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Inequality and Poverty Inequality rising despite promises of globalization Thought that globalization and liberalization would do good things for the world however there was a large increase in inequality within countries and among other countries. Poverty Reduction in China: Is High Growth Enough? Paper by Dollar and Kraay advocates growth as the primary objective of development Efficiency-emphasizing but equity-ignoring development lead to rise of inequality in many things and also slowed the reduction in poverty in China and raised the poverty in cities. Exploring poverty-growth-inequality important in China o High level of inequality poses threat to sustainability of growth as it undermines the social and political stability o Growth prospects and inequality-related domestic demand big influence on other economies o PGI profile determines global inequality and poverty scene; this profile can help other countries PGI Growth and inequality are positively correlated, implying further rises in income equality in China. Poverty and rising inequality can be alleviated o Establishing and developing rural capital markets o Fiscal spending and redistribution being made progressive than regressive o Promotion of trade and FDI in inland China Inevitable and long term solution is urbanization o Encourage rural residents to settle in inland China o Rural citizens treated equally with urban citizens in public education, families have chance for better future Debate about urbanization strategy o One group encourages the formation and development of mega- cities o Other prefers the growth of small and medium cities o Difference: a choice between a centralized system (Japan) or a
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caseys summaries_Notes - Inequality and Poverty Inequality...

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