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final outline_Outline - Rachel Reichenbach Race a set of...

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Rachel Reichenbach Race : a set of hierarchical categories assigned to individuals on the basis of physical characteristics, confusing because it appears to reside within the individual, when it actually resides in society. Race is a dominating factor in the determination of the ideological systems that reinforce the stratification order – how society distributes its rewards – in society. Thesis: Even though the United states emancipated the slaves in 1865, over 200 years ago, the effects of slavery are still rampant in today’s world because slavery created the foundation for the racial inequality between African Americans and Caucasians that still persists today. 1) the disparity between blacks and whites originates from white supremacy that justified the slave trade. When slavery was abolished, African Americans were left to start anew with no money, capital, or education, no skill capital. Therefore they were unable to profit in the post- industrial revolution atmosphere. On the other hand the jews that immigrated, came to the country with education and money. And knew people. Katz-Fishman (“The Increasing Significance of Class: Black-Jewish Conflict in the Postindustrial Global Era” 1998) – Historical Evidence of inequality, which limits social mobility and reinforces the stratification order that we see today. “vicious cycle of poverty theory” 2) Although slavery no longer exists, its influence is still felt in the present world. In Kozol (“Savage Inequalities”) – Evidence of inequality in schooling the great polarization between white and black schools still persist today. Lack of education low income inability to move upward socially reinforce social stratification order. The US is not providing Education; not providing equal education reinforces stratification 3) Furthermore there earning data demonstrates the continued inequality between whites and blacks. Earning Data (Empirical Evidence) to demonstrate “Race Effect” [Black vs. White] –
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