Girls’ and Boys’ Popularity by Adler and adler_Notes

Girls’ and Boys’ Popularity by Adler and adler_Notes

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Girls’ and Boys’ Popularity by Adler and Adler Idea: children represent gender roles before they develop sense of confidence to let individual choices guide them. in educational institutions children developed a stratified social order that is determined by their interaction with peers parents, and others Popularity is: The children who are liked by the greatest number of peers Those who have the greatest impact on determining the boundaries of membership Who are most influential in setting up opinions Boy’s popularity factors
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Unformatted text preview: • Athletic ability • Coolness • Toughness • Savoir-faire – social sophistication and interpersonal skills • Cross-gender relations • Negatives: to be smart, nerdy Girls Popularity factors • High socioeconomic status • Fashionable/stylish • Pretty • Laissez-faire parents • Precocity – girls early attainment of adult social characteristics • Exclusivity – individuals desire to form social elite groups and use gossiping as negative tactics • Academic performance...
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