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Increasing Significance of Class – black-Jewish conflict in postindustrial Global Era Katz-fishman and scott Compares Jews place in American society with African Americans. African Americans started off enslaved with no property and no skill set. So when they were freed they had nowhere to work because of racism and lack of skills. This created further inequality between them and white people. As they were gaining knowledge there was technological revolution that forced them out of many jobs and again made them very
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Unformatted text preview: poor. Throughout this time there was social polarization in the African American race – there were a few number of blacks that were gaining income and rising in society but most were becoming poorer; inequality between blacks rising. Jews were a different story because they came in with capital and skills so they were able to ascend to the upper classes. Even when they didn’t they were able to because of a strong desire and they still had basic skills even if nothing else....
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