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Marriage and Affluence – Hirschl Aim/purpose : confirm that marriage enhances the lifetime probability of affluence and that this advantage varies sharply based on race and gender…marital advantage for gaining affluence is textured by gender and race inequality Marriage is associated with the American dream marriage instrumental in gaining affluence and moving up in society Findings/discussion: 1) marriage selects for healthier and socieoeconomically better-off individuals. 2) Marriage is associated with a heightened probability of attaining affluence when compared with nonmarriage 3) Advantage is more palpable for Whites 4) Suggestive of a marital advantage for blacks, but sample size is too small
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Whites advantage is due to racial advantage in asset ownership which is related to racial inequality inherent to the structural evolution of American society (slavery) 6) Power of marriage to deliver affluence for women is extremely strong a. Nonmarried women have low odds of affluence 7) Marital advantage not nearly as clear cut for men 8) Reasons for white men advantages a. Gender division of labor within marriage focuses more upon remunerated employment while women do child rearing b. Pattern of property ownership across American history that favors Whites and disadvantages blacks 9) children lower odds of attaining affluence increase costs...
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