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DSOC 101 women’s schools can – and should- act as havens for transmale students … because ‘feminists and trans activists are both interested in gender.’ In a sense, transgender and genderqueer students could be said merely to be holding women’s colleges to their word: to fully support women’s exploration of gender even if that exploration ends with students no longer being female identified Response After reading the article “When Girls Will be Boys” and taking this quotation into consideration I am still not sure whether these women’s schools should be or can be havens for transmale students. On a superficial level many people can argue that if a women’s college is supposed to “fully support women’s exploration of gender,” then yes, a women’s college is the best place for transmale students. However I think there are still many problems and issues that can arise from being a transmale student at a women’s college. I believe that even in these schools were everyone is supposed to be the same
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Unformatted text preview: gender there are many opportunities for these people to be discriminated against. If you are the one male in an entire school of females, even if you were female at one point, the fact that you are now essentially male may be a point of contention among the students. However these negatives can and do occur at co-ed schools as well. In general it is very hard for someone who is going through such a process or who has gone through a process to feel “normal” at any institution where everyone is different. That is why I think the question that we should be asking is where is the largest contingent of transmale students? Wherever that place is, be it the co-ed universities or the women’s colleges, the transmale student will feel safer and will probably be happier. I am not promoting the idea that those of their own kind should stick together, I just think that in general people are happier when they are around people who are most like them in terms of their interests and beliefs....
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