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Republic or Empire - Chalmers Johnson Argument : US WILL FAIL Evidence: Military Keynesianism – flow of nations wealth from taxpayers and foreign debt to military contracters and back to taxpayers from of military keynesiasm in the domestic economy. Bad b/c rely on military ambition in order to avoid recession or collapse There are failed checks on executive ambitions – failure of legistlature and judiciary to restrain president Bankruptcy and collapse – face financial or political collapse at home and a signifincalty diminished ability to project force abroad Discussion: Governmnt needs to take on debt during depression – durng prosperity cut spending and rebuild treasury- called pump-priming WWII saved us from first depression…crated jobs and such, desire to keep it on and
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Unformatted text preview: produce more weapons was problemdid not cut it off like supposed to during surplus Unitary presidency is a problem b/c American presidents know that military Keynesianism tends to concentrate power in executive branch and so those that seek power have natural desire to further military growth real war (e.g. Bsush and cheney) Lack of checks and balances Congress gave up power to declare war; gave president the legal right to detain anyone wirhout habeas corpus and use interrogation methods that could be defined as torture Courts defer to his wishes Bankruptcy will bring check on government and presidential power that arises because of military Keynesianism. Unstable...
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