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Socioeconomic factors, health behaviors, and mortality – Lantz, house, Lepkowski, Williams, Mero, Chen Searching for: relationship between the socioeconomic factors of education and income and health behaviors. Also what are the relative magnitudes of the effects of education, income and heath behaviors on mortality, and to what extent to health behaviors explain education and income differences in mortality Results/conclusions: difference of significant socioeconomic differentials in health behaviors only account for a modest proportion of social inequalities in overall mortality. Therefore do not need to focus exclusively on health policies and interventions. Wider array of factors tat create socioeconomic differentials in mortality and
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Unformatted text preview: would persist even with improved health behavior • Strong association to socioeconomic factors and mortality o Differences in exposure to occupation and environmental health hazards o Improved equity regarding access to and use of preventative and appropriate therapeutic medical care o Socioeconomic stratification itself may be a social force that has deleterious health effects Lack of social relationships and social supports Personality dispositions…heightened levels of anger and hospitality Chronic and acute stress in life and work, including racism, classism • Health behaviors and socioeconomic factors are important determinants of mortality. There is a broader explanation that we do not know yet...
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