Summary – What Price the Moral High Ground – Robert Frank_Notes

Summary – What Price the Moral High Ground – Robert Frank_Notes

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Summary – What Price the Moral High Ground – Robert Frank Thesis: people are actually not inherently selfish but are guided by unselfish motives. Proof: one author found college students listed “helping other” as important career goals. o Overwhelming majority of college students would be willing to trade pay or other desired working conditions in exchange for additional opportunities to help others Another found executives believe that their firms’ ethical posture had a significant impact on ability to recruit and attain desirable employees. Survey of exes found a significant negative correlation between job satisfaction and the extent to which respondents felt that other executives in their firm engage in unethical behavior. Variety of evidence of strong negative correlation between annual earnings and degree to which employer and occupation are viewed as being socially
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Unformatted text preview: responsible • Survey of Cornell a&s grads: weakly negative associated with starting salaries and number of science courses taken, and weakly negative association with starting salaries and GPA (3.14 to 3.09 – 3.14 lower starting salaries) o Non profit employees had slightly higher gpas and took an average of almost five more science courses than did for-profit employees • Salary between public interest lawyers and corporate lawyers – but private firms use public interest to recruit and pay at same salary as private business. • Eye witnesses – those who are eye-witnesses against smoking or against negative things do it for free, while those who advocate smoking or deny effects of it get paid mucho dinero • Evidence from sample of graduating seniors who reported that they would require large premiums before being willing to switch to a less socially responsible employer...
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