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Summary of Inequality in Earnings_Noes

Summary of Inequality in Earnings_Noes - White men everyone...

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Summary of Inequality in Earnings By Morris M. and B. Western Thesis: Median income in the US has stagnated and the distribution of income has grown markedly more unequal over the past three decades. This reverses a general pattern that dated back to 1929. Since 1970s stagnation and decline of median earnings and in 1970s earnings inequality rose dramatically. Looks at inequality and median earnings in different groups: sex, race
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Unformatted text preview: White men: everyone lost but top of the top held their own. Bottom got killed White women: no losers, all who were at or above median experienced small gains. Those at top gained huge. However in comparison to men still not making much. Blacks: back down to inequality and income level as the early 1970 but it was 1990s CRUX: earnings inequality has been growing among virtually all groups...
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