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Summary of UN Human development report Argument: Climate change is a huge problem that is getting progressively worse. It will negatively affect everyone in the future and it is already starting to affect the poorest civilians and countries. It hinders the fight against poverty. It will also undermine international efforts to combat poverty. It threatens to erode human freedoms and limit choice. Raises questions about social equality and justice because the poorest people are bearing the brunt of the problem when, in general, the rich are culpable. We are reaching a dangerous threshold of change in temperature. We are running an unsustainable ecological debt that the following generations will inherit. Challenges: distributional challenge because those who have caused the problem are not those who suffer most in the short term. We are an ecologically interdependent human
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Unformatted text preview: community. Need to foster political will to cooperate. World needs to come together in forging a collective response to a crisis. Features of problem: combined force of inertia and cumulative outcomes of climate change…no rewind button for emitting greenhouse gases. Urgency – every year of delay I reaching an agreement adds to greenhouse gas stocks. Global scale – so large everyone needs to get together; collective action is imperative. What should be done: non-marginal changes are needed. There will be significant short-term costs but it is ok because there will be large net benefits over time. Societies will have to pre-commit and forego short-term gratification for longer-term well-being. Carbon and carbon equivalent gases have to be priced so that using them reflects their true costs....
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