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Three Sociological Perspectives – Paul Colomy There are three perspectives of sociology: functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. Micro verse macro. Micro is oriented toward small time and small space. Macro oriented to big time and big space. Micro is concerned with conduct of individuals and small groups over short periods of time. Macro perspectives focus on larger entities. Symbolic Interactionism: Micro theory of society focuses on social interaction and how people act in ace- to-face meetings with one another. Roots are in pragmatism. Five core ideas o Human beings act in terms of the meanings they assign to objects in their environment: stimulus interpretation response. o Social action typically involves making a series of adjustments and readjustments as an 1individual’s interpretation of the situation changes. Action is continually being built up, modified and transformed. People’s initial definition of the situation is subject to change, and as that changes their conduct changes too o Meanings imputed to an object are socially constructed. Meaning attached to two objects can differ in dramatic ways even if they are made with similar materials. Meanings are attributed to it by individuals, groups, and communities The kid of person you assume to be and others take you to be mirror the meanings that individuals and groups have assigned to
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three sociological perspectives_Notes - Three Sociological...

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